Tracking status ALERT!!!!



  • Im in the USA. I thought only the 521 tab was the problem. i just want to know if my v2 kit is coming from the US or china?

  • Thought I'd give you all an update. They refunded my money this morning after opening a PayPal dispute and escalating it. They tried to get me to close the dispute before offering a refund. Obviously I didn't want to do that. Got a DIY v2 kit from a UK vendor online. It arrived 18 hrs after I placed the order, and is excellent. I'm just not willing to wait 3 weeks to have it posted 

  • Update on mine:  Still no word since it was "En route to Canada from China on 09/09"  Coil master is saying it is up to my post office to track it after it left China but my post office is saying it is up to the sender to figure it out.  The post office also said if it had reached customs there should have been an update.   I don't think the ship from China should take 2 weeks to reach Canada so something is definitely up.  I am on the verge of disputing the payment for a refund.

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    Now mine says "Alert" too!  I'm going ahead with dispute right away 

    "Shenzhen, leaving the treatment centerm sent to postal express logistics company in Shenzhen City Centre Sales Silver Tin" is the translation from today's update
  • rich what is the uk vendor where you got your v2 diy kit from?? and iv been updated aswell there re sending mine today and should have it in the next two weeks or so but if this one dont get to me im getting a refund, so thats why i want to know what the uk vendor is just in case!

  • My v2 diy kit left hong kong. I ordered it on the 18th. If i get it this week, then it would be an amazing service from getting something on the other side of the world. 521 tabs are being mass produced as we speak. I will only order from a US vendor from now on. Websites that carry the 521 tab say they wont get any untill oct. 23
  • Me too, preorder. got email for invoice, got email for it being shipped.... Heard nothing since, Go to link for shipping courier keeps saying it doesnt excist????? Looks like alot of people in same boat pardon the pun..... Can customer service please let us know whats going on PLEASE




  • Last Update:  So Coil Master refunded my money immediately after filing an escalated dispute due to the tracking status alert.  They claim that it was rejected due to strict customs regulations in Canada, TBH I don't see how ordering tools is a issue but I am happy that I got my money back.


    They sell it at a local B&M here but it costs $20 more and the same with ordering from the US...Coil Master's site truly had the best price it's a shame it didn't work out.  I may just piece together the tools a la carte now rather then spend $80 Canadian.

  • I also ordered this product on September 8th, and have not received a shipping tracking update since the 11th... and that update says the package is "preparing to be shipped from China".  I went against my better judgment and gave this company a shot - and now I'm paying for it.

    I filed a dispute with PayPal and will be escalating it tonight when I inevitably don't hear anything back.  I would have been happy even with an e-mail saying "oh hey this item was out of stock - our bad" or "hey this got held up in customs" - but instead I got ZERO communication whatsoever, and apparently my item has sat in China for two weeks... maybe?

    In other EXCELLENT news guys - you should all check out Vipster Vapes website, and buy the #Goodbuild tool kit.  Much higher quality, stamped with their logo and assembled into a kit right here in America.  Cheaper than this Coil Master kit too!  I ordered one about a half hour ago, and just got notification that it has shipped!! (Company is HQd in Pennsylvania).

  • @Kresell616 @John Paul Coupe @optimusnog @adaoud25 @Rich Wastell

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

    Since there had some issues about the Chinese customs,some of the package just been stopped.

    What we shipped out have been returned these days and we have been contacted EMS,we'll try our best to fix the issue of shipping.

    More details about your order,please email:  

  • @kiwi129

    Could you please give us your order number?

    We'll have a check and reply you the statue of your order.

  • @John Paul Coupe uk ecig station mate , £40 delivered the next day. I got my refund so have to thank @coilmaster, sounds like the chinese postage companies really screwed us all over. The kit is brilliant 

  • I recieved my diy kit v2 today and wow ITS AMAZING thanks coil master and screw you EMS!!!! glad i finally got what i paid for cheers guys!!

  • @John Paul Coupe

    Finally you got it~

    Customs these days deeply so strict.:(

    Wish you have fun with Coil Master DIY kit V2~


    Fuck'em I opened a disput on PayPal and fight my money back !!!!!

    I will tell all my mates what kind of service you get from coilmaster like FUCK NOTHING !!!


  • i orderd on the 27 Augest and have tracking number only after i pesterd them here and on there facebook page .But i tem has still not arrived.. Good luck if you opnly orderd in September..

  • @Nem001

    Could you please give me your order number and I'll have a check.


  • Hello again

    My tracking number as requested :LX912855837CN,,,,, Order placed 26th August..... Shipped 6th September, it keeps saying unknown. Could someone in customer service PLEASE sort this out. I do not want a refund

    Thank you

    Kind Regards



  • @leob

    Could you please give me your order number?

    I'll have a check.

  • my order number is #5901

    ​Thank you

  • Hello again

    ​.Please at least give me an estimate on when you will send the product I paid for? I've done alot of digging and emailing.... I will keep quiet for now about what's happened.with tracking an employee has been very forthcoming...I've been polite patient to no avail. I don't want a refund. Please just sort my 521 tab......

  • As you can see maney emails....... Can i have your order number, then you disapear, opened up a Paypal dispute cause guess what your out off stock LIARS.Soooo many unhappy people.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards


  • I wonder if PayPal will stop doing business with a company after a certain number of disputes. I also wonder if asking a customer to drop a dispute before a resolution is reached is against PayPals TOS agreement. If it's not, it should be. Maybe someone with an open dispute can ask. 

    Seems like people asking for refunds get ignored until they open a dispute, get pomises if they close the dispute, then get ignored all over again. My grade school grandkids could play the blame game more convincingly and handle CS far better than these jokers. After 2 weeks I finally got a reply blaming all their CS problems on one employee. Ya right.

  • I have now escalated a paypay dispute. All I wanted was the product I paid for, You have even put my order on hold. So the tracking number was a fraud. No one bothered to reply. Now you will not ship till late Oct, again your pre order was fraud too... Kind Regards

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