Tracking status ALERT!!!!


I recently ordered the coil master DIY kit V2 on the 8th of september and this package still hasnt arrived now the tracking is saying alert what is going on!!!!! I need Answer's NOW!!! or im going to do a paypal dispute!!!




  • Tracking Number LX913314585CN Order number:#6647


  • Or can anyone explain to me whats going on!!!

  • Mines the same mate, ordered the v2 kit on the 7th. emailed them yesterday with no reply. This morning the tracking says alert. I translated all the chinese writing on the tracking info at the bottom of the page and its still in china. I opened a dispute through paypal this morning, not waiting any longer. 

  • okay i just looked on the couriers website and mine hasnt even left china yet!!! enter your tracking number into this website and have a look at the couriers website aswell If ems this website

  • Yeah mines still in China too. Doesnt say why though !

  • there is customer services on the courrier website im gonna have a chat with them see if i can find anything out!! 

  • Ive given up now, just want my money back. 10 days and it hasnt even left china?! Terrible service 

  • It takes time to get out of China sometimes it doesn't update for days.Then it will hit USPS and then it's there.

  • Having the same challenge as the rest of you, ordered in August, tracking site says it shipped, and the tracking number provided has the package still sitting in my country's Post Office since beginning of September.

    To be honest, I don't believe the tracking number provided is really an individual package for me, I think it's a HUGE ship board container that got stalled in customs.

    Now I know why a number of the b&m/retail stores won't touch this mfg product line

    Oh well, I'll start looking for alternative vendors and put a kit together for myself

  • Mine hasn't had an update since September 9th, it shipped out on the 7th.  Says it is enroute to Canada, but on another tracking site it says it's in the sorting facility in Shenzhen City.  If I don't hear an update by the end of next week I am disputing my charge as well and will get the UD Master Kit instead.

  • China Post is slow as heck I have had it take a week to even show movement with a tracking #.At least you have a # mine has been in Processing for 17 days and today it says Hold. (Like I didn't know they sold more than they had !) No comunication nothing ..This is worst than FT.

  • Seems everyone is having some sort of problems, regardless of where you live or what you've ordered. I havn't heard a thing despite emails and opening a paypal dispute. I managed to order another v2 kit earlier today from a online UK store...its being delivered tomorrow! Proper service  

  • They have now emailed me, saying that because i have opened a paypal case they cannot offer a refund. I must close the casse before a refund is offered. This despite paypal telling me not to close any case until and funds have cleared from a refund, as closed cases cannot be re-opened ! Dont trust them at all !

  • Rich same here I have never closed a case before a refund. I will contact Paypal tomorrow and escalate this. They can't give a time frame for when the product will be in stock or est.ship date.EVERYONE should file a dispute now if you have not receved the product! This is just bad buisness and I for one will contact every reviewer of their products and pass this lack of service on.

  • What country r u in? 10-20 shipping days if not in the US. 3-7 if in the US
  • The US ordered in Aug it was in stock ,not shipped item on hold because they have none now.

  • How do i get my money back?
  • File a Paypal dispute on the site they will handle it.


  • I am going to be more patient, I believe it is likely stuck in customs which is why there hasn't been an update.  My tracking # is acknowledged by Canada Post saying a week ago it was sent overseas so customs is likely the explanation as they will not provide an update until it has gone through.


    If I don't get an update by a week from Today then I will dispute.  It has been 11 days since the order so it is not out of the ordinary yet.

  • I recieved a reply via email saying mine didnt get past security now there on about sending another one but if this one dont get to me im definetly getting a refund!! 

  • If you have tracking and it shows acepted by the Post service then you are ok (maybe) at least it's on the way.

  • well they said they was going to post it today but havent its currently on hold now :/ and they said they was going to send tracking information through but nothing.

  • So it's now even shipped...then forget it.Best to buy from a vendor who has it in stock.

  • Can i get ur guys email adress. I want to keep in contact with people who are actually talking to someone from coil master
  • Okay guys i have requested a refund from coil master and there not getting back to me so know im tempted to take it further they told me to close the dispute so i closed it now i cant reopen a dispute and now im asking for a refund because nothing is being done and they wont even reply to me!!! WHAT A FUCKING COMPANY, ITS A DISGRACE i am going to tell all the reviewers about the experience i have had with these never again am i going to buy anything else from this company!!!

  • You should not close the dispute if you do you can't open it again! Forget what they say.

  • @John Paul...Do you live in Canada?  I am starting to wonder if mine is stuck in customs going to get rejected too?  I haven't had an update since it was sent to Canada in a week and a half ago.

  • no im in the uk optimus :/

  • I wonder why customs would send it back, it's just a kit of tools???

  • It's probably still with China post it takes a long time sometimes.If it's been shipped does it show receved?

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