We have stopped producing the Coil Master DIY KIT V2. We only have DIY KIT V3 now.
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Coil Master DIY Kit V2

Everything you need to wrap coils are organized well in our Coil Master DIY kit V2.
With the Coil Master DIY Kit V2, you can wrap coils and vaping everywhere!!

1. 1 x diagonal pliers
2. 1 x Needle-nose pliers
3. 1 x Stainless steel folding scissors
4. 1 x Pen styled cross Screwdriver
5. 1 x Pen styled straight Screwdriver
6. 1 x Ceramic Tweezer (T1) so you can fire your coils while squeezing to
7. 1 x Elbow Tweezer (T3) to make all your adjustments.
8. 1 x Kanthel wire
9. 1 x Ohm Meter to measure the resistance of your atomizers
10. 1 x Coiling Kit V3
11. 1 x Silicon rubber case

Weight 0.642 kg

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35 thoughts on “Coil Master DIY Kit V2

  1. Jesse

    After watching some youtube reviews, i probably wouldnt have paid fifty dollars. Luckily, my preorder got me ten dollars off. And after seeing everything inperson, I am very happy/impressed. Since the prerelease reviews, there must have been some changes.

  2. Shawn Enders

    great diy kit they change from regular wire cutters to flush cutters which makes easier to cut closer to the post well worth $50 got this as an preorder love it and the case is great if they can make it alittle bigger case to have an spot for kanthal and wick

  3. Angelo Tolentino

    I already own a coil kit from another company, When I came across the Coil Master kit info on G+. I pulled the trigger,got it through pre-order. To be honest the kit is well priced prior to the pre-order discount. The craftsmanship is impressive,the tools provided in the kit aren’t flimsy. After inspecting is and playing with all the goodies it comes with, I gave away my original kit. Great Job to the people at Coil Master !


    Damm!!! Got shiped on the 30-4-2015 just got it (Belgium) Super Fast Super Sweet
    Thx for this wonderfull DIY kit

  5. Daniel

    Just received my kit today. I must say the kit looks really good and not cheap. But I must add the tools where pretty dirty when I got them. So I cleaned them and they’re good as new, thank you guys!

  6. William Stringer

    I was one of those who already had a coil kit. But, I didn’t have it all in one place, and it wasn’t exactly right for building (pliers, wire cutters, allen wrench set). So I ordered this and two days later it arrived (today) and I absolutely love it. Tweezers are 15 dollars on their own, the ohm meter and coil master 15$ ea. Then the rest is easily worth 25-50$. In my honest opinion I thought I was going to regret it, but I do not, not one bit.

  7. mark street

    Received my kit today free shipping to the UK Fantastic. Kit is excellent sturdy case with foam cutouts for everything in its place. Highly recommended. Get it quick. Top quality materials used sturdy and solid tools. Every care has been made creating this kit even the tweezers have coil master laser engraved. Only thing is keep an eye on it. I’m sure mine will try to grow legs lol

  8. bazuden

    Quality vs price, this kit is really great. At first I thought the scissors were going to be useless, because they don’t seem sharp at all, but they cut cotton really well. Everything else is good quality. Very happy with the purchase.

  9. Paul

    Brilliant everything in the kit has a use and is top quality. The coil master it’s self is so quick and easy to use great results every time. Free delivery to the UK and $10 off you’d be silly not to.

  10. Cody

    This is exactly what every coil builder should have in their inventory. All the essentials in one kit, making building coils a breeze.

  11. Jasoncc85

    Within two weeks I received my Coil Master DIY kit V2 (to the Netherlands) and I’m lovin it!!!
    Building coils has never been that easy wow!!

  12. spungie

    really impressed with the quality of this kit,as a beginner i was unsure what tools to buy,this kit is the answer,with the addition of different gauge wire,its got everything needed to start making my coils,i cant recommend this kit enough,well done coil-master

  13. brian

    Been vaping for about 2.5 years already and could never build a standard proper micro coil; that is until I picked up this kit. Tools are definitely higher quality than trying to pick out parts individually at your local hardware stores, and all compiled in one incredibly cost effective package. Recommending this definitely to friends.

  14. Bob

    Got mine. Love it. Super fast coils and a really well made kit. Have been “hand rolling” coils for 2 years. Now my coils are awesome and tight. Everthing you need for a great coil. Thanks

  15. mkirby6109

    Loving my new coil kit. Everything I need in a compact carrying case for anywhere I go. Fast delivery too. Thanks Coil Master!

  16. jacob

    i have just received my kit, i am new to rta ect, the kit is very easy to use and im now on my way to building great coils for my ud bellus. i am very please with the quality of the tools including, would be good for the choice of adding batterys with the kit for a small extra price but still what you get for the price is great as it has everything you need, thank you coil-master will be buying more things of you in the future.

  17. David M

    Very nice kit. Everything has its place. Just wish I could or they could fit the 521 in place of the dinky ohm reader now that would be awesome. I’m still trying to figure out if I can fit it in there. But I think I would have to remove the cuter and pliers to make it fit. If they remove the pliers and turn the side cutters I think the 521 will fit in there. Quality package I’m digging it.

  18. George

    perfect product for any vaper! has all the tools you need in one convenient case. another high quality item from Coil Master. ΩΩΩ

  19. RACHEL

    Awesome coil master kit. Great price too. Everything works really well. Designed perfectly no matter what you are trying to do. And the case is awesome. Great investment. Just please tell me where to put in the number for the rewards.thank you!

  20. Paolo

    Perfetta, un bellissimo kit con tutto l’occorrente per creare le coil, in regalo anche un po’ di cotone organico

  21. Doug Wislinski

    Bought my kit wholesale and Im VERY IMPRESSED,everything’s in great condition and
    the kit itself was a well thought-out package would recommend it to everyone who vapes Great job Coil Master….DYI V2


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