We have stopped producing the Coil Master V2. We only have V4 now.
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Package includes:

5 Coiling Poles( 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm )
5 Top covers

Color options(one color per package):

Please keep the products away from kids.



Blue, Red, Black

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46 thoughts on “Coil Master

  1. myrrdin

    Great product! shipping was fast and it was well packaged, I found it was easy to use and made good coils, it takes a time or two to get it right. The only things I would like to see with this product are a different type of box that has a place for each component, some labeling on each mandrel and it’s head so we can easily tell them apart, and you could add another hole going in the opposite direction for coils that need to be wound the other way.
    Aside from those things this is a great product!!

  2. Charles Parnell

    Just received mine, got it in RED. Love it. First coil I made was just to see how it worked, but decided to use it because was so good. I am 63 years old and disabled, it is going to make me able to build my own coils now.
    Only con is, Wish I had a box where every piece fit in its own place.
    I expect I will misplace/lose one eventually.
    All in all, exceptional product.
    Thank you from us old folks that have shaky hands.

  3. Doug

    So Love it!!!!!! So easy to use and makes perfect coils every time. I am recommending it to all my fellow vaporers. Thank you!!!!

  4. Rania

    This product is awesome. Makes perfect coils every time. Every builder should have one new or old. seriously can’t praise enough. Customer service was steller too!

  5. Skip

    Great product! Makes a perfect coil every time. As with everything practice makes perfect. There are cheaper versions of this but I opted to spend the little extra coin to get this updated version with the measurements labeled on the coiler and the nice carrying bag. Well worth it! Oh it also came with a separate 6 compartment case so you can premake extra coils. Nice touch and unexpected! Great company and fast delivery!

  6. Justin

    Suits the widest range of wire diameters currently for any coil jigs. Built 3 coils so far, all perfect and 0.6ohms. Quick to arrive also. Impressed with it. Wont bother with manually wrapping now. Only thing I would like is a case with an insert for all the parts to fit in, the bag is okay but the poles fall out of the attachments.

  7. Roberto

    Very well made product and easy to use love to make my own coils this makes it so much helpful and easy any one can use it. I would recommend the coilmaster to any one it makes sense to me in my use hope this was helpful to anyone.

  8. Matt F

    Great product. It came packaged well and it came with a pouch to keep all the pieces in. I didn’t have any problems making my own coils before this, but I got this just to try it out and maybe make things a bit easier. Which it does, and I use it all the time now. There was only one time when making the coil, that the kanthal wire started overlapping onto itself instead of coiling. But that was my fault as I think I was pushing it together too hard. Just lightly/barely hold it together as you spin the coil and it’s been working perfectly every time.

  9. Jason

    After watching lots of YouTube videos about this product I decided to go ahead and get one. Let me say, it really helps with making coils. I think my only complaint was that it didn’t come with the bag to put it in that I saw on all the reviews. Not that big of a deal since I keep all of my coil making stuff in one box, but I still feel like I got shorted.

  10. Mohammad

    Keeps the guessing game out of the coil building game. This product made it so easy to make coils that have the same consistency for all my RDAs and RTAs. I highly recommend this product for all coil builders out there.

  11. Bryan

    Love my Coil Master set… I find myself building a lot more, for myself and others.. Highly recommended as part of your vaping must have hardware..

  12. Michael Daly

    Since I bought my coil-master, I haven’t made a coil without it. Its a great product. I even bought a 2nd one for travel as well. The coil-master, and the coil toy app make coil building simple!

  13. Daniel R

    These Rock so easy to make coils with a strum and maybe a pinch and your golden no need to mess with the coil to get it to heat up right these make perfect coils hands down the best around

  14. Scott Backer

    Surprisingly this works better then described. I use it daily because it is just so easy and works so well.

  15. Michael Brown

    The Coil Master is truly the master of making coils. It’s simple to use after the first couple tries. I love this product!

  16. William Menendez

    The coil master works great! Easy perfect coils everytime. I like the updates from the first edition that were on mine it makes it easy to keep track of parts.
    i do find it trick if you want to wrap a parallel coil. I would sugguest a longer optional screw for that purpose. Also a carrying case.
    but excellent product. If i lost it today i would buy a new one tonight.

  17. Troy

    I love the coil master! It is very user friendly and it has paid for itself! It takes the guesswork out of how to wrap coils! I only wish it came with a travel case!

  18. T Carr

    Excellent coil maker. Everyone needs one of these. Looks like they did some updating by labeling the pieces etc. Unfortunately the set I have is one they first started out with (no size labeling, or box, or anything else). But it does a great job at making really good looking coils. Especially good for older folks that don’t have the hand dexterity we used to. Can’t praise it enough. Shipping and service was also courteous and swift. Thank you.

  19. ManicMaurice

    Works great! Perfect coils every time. I bought the first edition of the product and don’t have the measurement marking on mine, but according to the pictures on this site they updated them in the most recent edition. The lack of measurement marking was my only complaint. Looks like they listen to their customers. Good job guys!

  20. Mike B

    Great coiling kit here. I received the model with the stamps on the caps which made things a ton easier when you’re coiling in a hurry. Makes coils very consistent and even a novice coiler can pick this up and become a pro in very short time. I’m looking at that DIY coiling kit now…perfect on the go case.

  21. gopher_byrd

    No more squeezing coils, just test fire and a few rakes and hot legs/ hot spots are gone! I screwed up the first one I attempted, but after that it took everything I threw at it. The only thing I would change is adding a hole to make counterclockwise coils like another reviewer mentioned.

  22. Chris Leung

    Excellent service and speedy delivery to the UK. The product is great as expected. You can knock out coils like a pro in an instant with these. You will not be disappointed!

  23. jason

    What is there to say about this product that hasn’t already been said? Build quality is great and its extremely easy to use. No more using a precision screwdriver set to build coils!

  24. Scott

    Love it makes great coils and makes my life a lot easier. Just wish I had the newer version with labeling.

  25. Joshua Kidd

    Ordered mine back in Feb, love it perfect coils, quick and easy, even did a 14 wrap 20 gauge on the 1mm, perfect nano coil. Every. Every Coil ive tried just works, a whole lot easier than doing it on just a rod.. Only issue is I wish it came with a storage case.

  26. Ben

    This is a superb set and the added sizes on each piece along with the bag to keep it together is awesome. This is affordable high quality gear and is nearly unbeatable. Coil Master did a great job and I highly recommend.

  27. Patrick

    I Orderd from Germany and everything worked really good. The shipping was fast (two Weeks) without Problems. I will never miss this Tool and I recommend it to everybody. Good Build Quality and producing Coils is very easy.

  28. Ronnie Garrett

    Great tool for building coils there is several ways to use this jig and deff helps save time and wire. I would recommend this to anyone I know.

  29. Jean Trudel

    Excellent product, quality, delivery, does perfectly the job! Constructively, may I suggest to make a proper containing device and ID the parts! As I can see, I’m not the only one making the suggestion. I recommend it anytime!

  30. Patrick

    I purchase there coil about a month ago and I must say it’s well crafted and omg could it wrap ni200 cool with ease love this thing wish they made along time ago so I didn’t have to waste my money on the other ones thank you for such a great product

  31. Stephen Hale

    I love my coil master! Flawless coils every time. Just one negative…….I can’t find these on my wholesale sites and I would love to sell these in my shop. I sell a different brand in my shop that I don’t like quite as well as the coil master.

  32. Brent R

    Purchased in Feb. so I used a sharpie to mark the sizes… works but wish they’d labeled them from the start. As far as performance goes, they work fine. It’s easy to make nice coils. My only issue is they need to have another hole drilled in the opposite direction for making CCW leg’d coils for certain atty’s… and then offer to sell just the cap to those that have already purchased a set!

  33. Andy

    Great product, very easy to use. The only improvement I would make is to supply it in small plastic case.
    All in all would definitely recommend.

  34. Tom

    This little jig is awesome! Perfect coils every time. Just remember to let the jig do the work or you’ll mess up the coil. I found that out the hard way. As a lot of others have stated, I wish it came with some kind of case to keep in all in one place. Overall, I would highly recommend.


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