This place is a very Fraudulent company. I ordered the Coil Master Kbag on 9/22 it says free USPS shipping from USA.. I got some international tracking# that says my item is in London I have sent 2 emails to coil master and they wont reply. I just sent another email and I got an auto response saying they are on a 7 day holiday because of "The National Day" what kind of customer service does this place have I am now filing a PayPal dispute since they cant be honest and even reply to emails.



  • Same happened to me ! This wannabe company are criminals !

  • London is the last place it will update. Ur package is coming. About 1 wrrk after it gets to london. I was pissed too but i got my kit even tho the site wasnt updating
  • ha same shit here i bought a coilmaster kit from them in san antonio tx at vapeblast and before i attended i messaged them threw their instagram to purchase it and they said they were there then when i see them at vape summit all of a sudden they didnt attend vapse blast and now im stuck with a fucking clone! im staying american made from now on!waste of money! 

  • @dmcicero

    Sorry to reply late.

    Which email address have you sent email to?

    Could you please give me your order number if you still not receive any reply from us?

    Sorry again for all the inconvenience.

  • @adaoud25

    Thanks for your support.

    Because of the strict customs,we changed another express company.

    They'll transact to transit to Europe before ship to USA.

    We'll follow up this shipping issue.

    Have a nice day~

  • @slugo15

    Which instagram have you pm to?

    Our teammate are at USA.

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