Lack of Tracking updates and poor Customer Service

I placed my order 6138  and was advised that it shipped on the 28August with atracking numberof LX912860491CN.


I have checked over the last 3 days to no avail it just says TRACKING NUMBER DOES NOT EXIST.

You have been PAID through PayPal, but I have no means to check if I am going to get my 521 or I am just being conned. The service that you offer seems to be lets get the money in and sod the customer who has paid for your product. Having read all the posts on this forum where people have not recieved the Items that they have paid for and the amount of PayPal disputes, I would have thought that a company such as Coil Master would get their act together. You are also letting down your reviewers who let your customers know of your products. I want to know when I will recieve my 521 and I don't want excuses or more failed promises, I want what I have paid for. If I get no responce then I will open a PayPal dispute for a refund. 

From  a very very unhappy customer.

Alan Klates (thevapingpirate)



  • Well ,Wel,l Well. I suppose I should not have expected a respone, but one always lives in hope that due to tjhe poor feedback Coil Master is receiving  you would have tried to assure your customers they would recieve what they have paid for, but NO.  So iI suppose it just leaves unhappy customers to get in contact with whom ever they paid by for a refund. I will now be contacting PayPal for MY refund  and will not do business with your company again , Your customer care is non existant, I would not recommend Coil Master to anyone, I would just advise them to look elswhere for their purchase.

    Alan Klates

  • Hi,Alan

    Sorry to reply late.

    Order#6138 have been shipped out and since there had some issue about the customs.

    There had many packages lost tracking infomation,we have been contacted the EMS and they are checking the statue of those packages.The EMS replied us that your package may have been arrived your local post office.Could you please contact the local post office first?

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

    Have a nice day.

  • I have checked the local post office and there has been NO DELIVERY. The EMS TRACKING is still showing tracking number does not exist. I have instigated a PayPal dispute for a full refund. I will be escalating this through PayPal. This is a poor show from a company that showed great promise.

    Please Pay my refund back .

    Alan Klates 


  • I  have the same problem with my tracking number LM958390366CN I go to the tracking site only to be told 50% of the time it does not exist the other 50% is gibberish an i can't make head or tail of what info is there... 

    Use this link and track ur package
  • Good morning, I have used the above link to trace tracking. to no avail, It gives no tracking just a smal box 1cm long with chinese writing in it.


  • Seems like coilmaster keeps telling people the same shit every time ! I checked my local post office and the custom and there is no fucking packet . REFUND MY FUCKING MINEY BACK !!!! ASAP

  • When I try to track my parcel with mine comes up with a small box all in Chinese writting as well, but when translated with google it say's unable to track.

    Well it's only been 6 weeks ans counting, so can I have my money refunded as well please.

  • Good morning all. This ia for all those that have not received the kit and who want a refund. I placed my order on 25/8/15. this has not been delivered  as you wll see by my previous posts and comments. I raised a dipute on 3/9/15 and after about a week I ecalated it, today i had an email from Paypal saying that they were now going to check into it further. I also had this message from Coil Master:-  that they were sorry for inconvenience due to there customs being more stringent.

    I then phoned Paypal who  checked there tracking and made the decision to pay my refund back straight away. which they have done within 10 minutes. I post this to let all those that have a problem with CM to contact Pay paypal by phone and speek to an advisor. ( this was advised by the advisor who handled my dispute). I was concered for the amount of people around the world that have had a problem with Cm , I passed this on  and it has been passed to another department within Paypal to check into this company and their dealings with their customers.

    I hope this helps , RING PAYPAL ,This is PAYPAL's ADVICE.

  • @thevapingpirate

    Sorry to reply late.

    We have refund,please check.

    Have a nice day~

  • @Nem001

    Sorry to reply late.

    Could you please give me your order number,and I'll have a check.


  • @adaoud25

    Thanks for your shipping link.

    Have a nice day~

  • @kartal

    Sorry to reply late.

    Could you please give me your order number and I'll have a check.

  • @Devilon

    Sorry to reply late.

    Could you please give me your order number?

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