Need customer assistance

After 2 weeks since placing my order, I finally received my coil master dyi kit today, to only find out that the ohm reader doesn't work...have tried multiple new batteries and nothing. Can someone contact me asap, this is so frustrating when you pay the amount I did for the kit to have the ohm reader not work.


  • Hi,FreddyO

    Could you please shoot a short video about the issue?


  • FreddyO I have the same problem. I even shot a video of the problem. Sent to support. Sent to sales. PM'd on FaceBook. I still have no resolution to the problem. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Good luck to you. 

  • Ihope your product is better than your service. I was going to order several units for christmas pre sents. However your service sucks. From the looks of things I will be lucky to get mine by then. Tracking system sucks as well as your service. Give us a better way to contact you.
  • I no longer have the product, it was thrown out. It's was useless...after trying everything I could to get it to work...lets also mention the fact I spent $10 on batteries to try to see if it was the quality of batteries that I was putting in have this whole issue topped off with the lack of customer service I experienced...the item in my mind was useless and therefore throw away. Not going to keep something laying around that took over two weeks to be delivered, to be sent back out, to then receive it back in a month. Dissapointed and dissatisfied with your company and customer service. I spent $50 on an item that took over 2 weeks to be delivered and then to have one of the biggest parts of the item not work....that's just unacceptable.

  • Im in the mid west usa and ordered the diy kit on 9-18. Its been in london for a week now. I want to know why its taking so long! Coil master suxs and they advertise from there ass! I wish i wouldve known it would take this long to get tools! This is rediculous! I hope this comapany falls off. I want my package to be over nighted for the worst costumer service ever!
  • Never again will i buy anything from here. My people know how horrible service is here. Typical mass produced chinese electronics breaking. Its not about costumer service to coil master, its about US$
  • I will give the whole shit to my lawyer . THIS IST A SHIT SERVICE

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