Order# 5886

Order status shows "complete", but I am unable to track package. It gives me "we are unable to locate your package"blah blah blah. I ordered Aug 26th. Please assist or I will be disputing this charge with PayPal


  • Interesting I have the same problem and sent an e-mail on the 13th for assistance. So far no reply.

    I'll give it a couple more days and probably take the same action and notify PP to dispute the charges.

  • They are out of stock,I have heard they will not have any until around Oct 23rd. You have 180 days to file a dispute. Their commucations are non existent,here or emails.Maybe if they did not give a bunch to reviewers and sell at the vape meets they could fill the orders!

  • What country do u guys live in?
  • Have you receved your order adaoud25 ?

  • I put a order in yesterday. I shouldve read ur reviews fifst
  • This was for the 521 tab that is out of stock you didn't order that they don't have any.


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