Coil master 521 tab v2

Hi ive got a issue with my coilmaster 521 tab v2 ive used it maybe six to eight times and have a new sony vtc5 married to it and now it does not read resistance or fire ive even recharged the battery wont even read or fire a premade coil


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  • I have had the same problem. Bought the tab at a local vape shop and it is working the same as @Marshal says his did. It worked for a while and using the same battery in it. That battery never leaves the tab unless it's to charge it. It's reading wrong ohms, put my atty on another ohm meter and reads correctly, put it back on tab and gives wrong ohms if any. Won't fire atty either. Do I need to speak to someone here about getting a new one or do I need to take it back to the local brick & mortar store where I got it?

  • I was messing with the tab this evening and cleaned it thinking that may be a problem. It wasn't. I figured I would attach some pics of the tab with no atty on it. These pics was right after turning it on with no atty and the ohms read .15. Turned it off and back on and took the second pic. That one read .04. I know it's not me now cause it's reading ohms with no atty attached. @CoilMaster I love your products but wondering what's going on with this device. 

    4032 x 3024 - 2M
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
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    Could you shoot a video about issue you said sent to

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