shipped or not?

I ordered a diy kit v2 4 days ago and have only gotten an email saying it has been packaged. Order #11185


  • I am in the same situation. Any luck getting more information?

  • Never got a shipping email, just showed up at my house.
  • I would like an update on order #49104, please.  I received an email on 7/21 saying my order was being packaged and I would be notified when it shipped. I still haven't heard anything, and I feel that based on the estimated time on your site when I ordered, It should be arriving soon. Your site didn't tell me before I ordered that you ship from outside the U.S.. In all honesty, had I known it would take this long, I would have ordered from elsewhere. I could have gotten a similar product for less money, and in a color option I would have preferred, which you don't offer.

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