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I ordered my DIY Kit v2 Monday Feb 29th and the status of my package is STILL on Hold 2hy is that its thurs it should of been shipped already ...


  • Ok so u got a coil master came with a code but nowhere to put it in at..someone said go to ur, my account..I don't even have it
  • @Unknown

    Security code is on the warranty card in the will see it when opening kit.If no card,maybe you buy counterfeit.

  • I place my order on October 20th and the tracking keeps saying error I'm just wondering how long it usually takes to be delivered 

  • @Dwayne Mahon

    There is web error sometimes,it's nothing to do with the package.

    I will email you details,please check.

  • Hi there the tracking still says its in China and its been 16 days so far. I'll just go elsewhere to buy the products I need. 

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    Hello, I placed an order on Nov. 22, 2016 (Transaction ID 2HL25624VT819504P, Invoice ID WC-18203, Item #C06.0723) and it has not arrived yet. What is going on? I haven't even received a tracking Number. Its been almost a month and still nothing?

  • @Romeo Sanchez

    Sorry to bring you inconvenience.

    Our website system usually automatically sends email notification to customer about package information. If you have not received it , probably it's intercepted by server .

    Tracking number is LT453149027CN,please track on

    Because now it's peak season,the package is delayed.Our express courier i dealing with it,please wait patiently.We will keep you informed by Email.Please pay attention to it.

    And if you have any problems,please feel free to contact me.My email is




  • To Customer service: I really need your help with how to enter my prize number I scratched off my authenticity card. I bought a full coil Master kit, set up a profile, got the email confirmation and my profile is good so I please need your help. If you have a customer service phone number i would love to have it. Being a business owner myself I don't I mean any disrespect your products are great and speak for themselves i just want to tell you a few things I know would help your website and business so it helps others. This is what I do best is to organize companies to keep Customers happy, organize things that help it easier for your, customers, workers, to aslo save alot of time and money. Just from things I read your website could be better organized by giving more  options in your menu so it's much easier and simple for customers to find your questions faster. U wouldn't get half the question u need to answer saving ur company presious time and money. Last thing is each page with ur products first if u already own all your products and have a account it would help much more you don't need to see first so I would hope you can see you wouldn't have half the problems people are asking about if just your website was better organized with more options that go directly to what your looking for. So I hope this gets to the right person and as fare as my help I hope to hear from someone but can't fi

  • @motoxshane

    Please enter into our official website and slide down to the bottom.

    You will see “Anti-counterfeiting query”,then fill in security code and click“go”.

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    I brought a coilmaster 521 tab about four weeks ago all was fine it was used daily now when i have an atty attached the ohms jump all over the place and it doesnt register correctly i have tried another tab and that registers fine help would be appreciated please 

  • @Richnotts74

    Sorry to bring you inconvenience.

    Could you please send the security code and a video showing the issues of the product to We will investigate the cause and reply you ASAP.


  • My 521 tab won't read the ohms correctly it keeps bouncing around.. and when. I go to fire it will for the sec then show all 0000. I've tried with hight builds like .3 and the same thing happenz.. I've had it for maybe 3 weeks now
  • @coilmaster, I bought the 521 tab and had issues with it not giving correct ohm reading. You sent me a 521 mini tab. For 1 the price I paid for the original tab was $35 and I get a $20 replacement. I would like to see some kind of reimbursement for the difference in price. Also the tab mini I was sent won't even stay turned on long enough to get a reading. I have to play with the switch button in order to keep it turned on until I get a reading. Poor quality control shouldn't cost me money. I've sent an email to you with no response. I have had nothing but problems with my purchases from your company. About to say screw it and chalk it up as a loss then never buy any coil master product ever again and let every vaper that I know not to buy these products. Hope to hear something back from you in a timely manner. 

  • @Wheelin247

    Please accept our sincerely apologize for this inconvenience that has been caused.

    We received your email already, and our engineer also checked the vedio you offered. We'd like to help you solve this issue, and the resend package is on the way now, please kindly waiting for it patiently.

    For any other further issues, please fee free to contact us :

  • @jsnyder52989

    Sorry for the delay response.

    Can you please send us a picture or short video for this issue to   A short video should be better, somtimes the product can not judge through picture. At same time, please give us the security code for this item. 

    Thanks very much for your support. 

  • I have gotten 2 Coil master 521 Tab from Monster Vape in San Antonio Texas.... had the first one for about a month and then the ohms meter started reading all over the place... jumping around like crazy (just like you have seen other people posting about here). I returned it to Monster Vape who very graciously replaced the defective device. Well I have had the second one sitting on my desk for about a year now because it started doing the same thing about 3 weeks after replacing the Original one I purchased. 

    I posted on Facebook and have posted on her before and have NEVER gotten any kind of reply. So it has become a paper weight. I need one that works and I need to order some coil building tools (mine have gotten used alot) but I just can't bring myself to order your products any more. 

    When they work, they are awesome!  When they don't they are just hunks of junk. I dcided I would try one more time to get get a response from customer service before I forget your company name forever. Please suprise me and offer a solution.

    Thank You

    Jerry Lance ...

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