Got my RDA kit

I got a card with it that has a code on it, but I don't see anywhere I can enter any codes on the web sight.


  • I found that in my kit as well! No surprise there I guess haha ...

    At first glance I thought it was a "Hi my name is..." Tag. How nifty! Am I right? I was so pumped! Then I realized that it's even more pointless and confusing than a name tag. The only purpose for this card that I can see as of right now is taking it out of your wallet/purse and braging about your cool new DIY coil master kit V. 2.0

    Unless someone can give me a URL where I can input this code, This card is useless to me!
    Although got me so close to where I needed to be! Sadly that URL ( at least for me ) is not the most functional.

    Any info available about this card/code is very desirable!

    Until then lets keep on vaping!
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