Coil master awards card

Where or how to I find the spot to put in my code it said this site but I have not found a place for the code


  • @Josh Norris

    Security code couls be checked on our website

    The downmost 

  • You have to do it on a PC. It won't work on a smartphone.

    I entered mine. But I do t see that it did anything.

  • I can't either but this really is a horrible website finally reading you can't do it on a cell phone all 3 hours just made sense why I could figure it out this website is so horribly unorganized and hard to figure out I've never seen anything like it seriously they need to change their website
  • how can know if i WON the CoilMaster Mat? 

  • @Darwin Rino de Pasion

    Sorry to bring you inconvenience.

    It exists technical problem for our Lottery system.Our programmer is perfecting it,please wait patiently.

    I will email you when system works normally,then you could draw.

  • okay, could you mail me too as soon s the problem is resolved so i can see if i also won?

    Or is it already resolved?

  • You have still the issue? I'll try to place the coil master diy v3 and the result was to place it 5 times.

  • i did not get any notifications too after entering it the first time but on the 2nd try it says that it's already been verified.

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