How to actually contact coil master!!

Hello everyone! I've done it! In order to contact coil master you will need to do exactly as I did. Go to their Facebook page, message them (at least twice with an hour or so gap in between), post a comment on their Facebook page, email them several times over a few days in both English and traditional Chinese (I used Google translate for that). Be sure to change up your email contents a little each time. Also, send the different emails to all of their email addresses. These emails are,, and I will post a picture of my email list so you can see.

As for the time it took? I ordered on the 9th of February and got the PayPal receipt soon after. After a few days of delay (due to the Chinese new year), I received an email saying that I would get tracking info once my order was shipped. That was the 13th of February. The same night that I got that email, my order status on the website changed from "processing" to "shipped." After several days of trying to be a pain in their ass, I received my tracking info today, the 17th of February. Allegedly, I should have my kit "by the end of the day Saturday (2-20-16)." I will keep everyone posted.


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  • I've finally gotten a response, thanks to you! Ive emailed them on all three emails and gotten and email response within an hour with my tracking number, my package is due to arrive by the end of the day tomorrow, thanks bud! 

  • Glad to hear it man! Hopefully this will help others as well. 


  • Is this kit really this good? Im stuck in paypal.because i sent a dispute. Never going to get this...

  • If you want good service and legit products, go to They don't sell clones of anything. I've bought from them several times and everything that has had a verification code has been legit. Always different brands as well. That includes batteries. 

    I don't even know why I ordered from here. They carry these kits on that site as well and for a little cheaper. Definitely worth looking into. 

  • UPDATE!!!

    My coil master DIY kit V2 came in today, February 19th. Which is great because it was a day earlier than what the tracking information originally stated. The authenticity code worked verifying my kit. I'm pleased with the product just as I thought I would be. The only flaw in this company is their customer service, or lack there of. Anyway, good product, poor support, and I don't recommend ordering from them for anything. This will be my last post. Good luck to everyone in the future!

    PS. I've never had any problems with 's customer service and every product I've gotten from them has been verified authentic through the original manufacturer (including batteries). Have fun everyone!

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    Wow so basically it should take about a month to get something from Coil Master? Good thing I only ordered the one thing that is the only thing that they make and sell. 

  • I have a cat and I cannot figure out where on the website to enter your prize scratch number I've been on this website for hours trying to figure out even how to email them now I gotta go through it Facebook is the worst website I've ever seen and customer service can anybody give me an easy answer on the exact wait it just emailing through my Gmail
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