Shipped with no tracking info

Hello. After several days of processing (due to Chinese New Year), my order status was finally changed to "shipped." I was told I would be provided with tracking information when it had been sent. It has been several days since the status change and I have yet to see any tracking info. My order number is 11392. Please help! 




  • Also, my order said it had been shipped on February 13th. 

  • edited February 2016

    Just giving you guys a heads up, if I don't at least have a reply from you guys by the end of tomorrow night, February 17 at 10:00pm CST, then I will be contacting paypal. I would much rather have the product that I ordered over a refund. And at least a reply with an honest answer (wether or not you guys have dropped the ball) vs silence. From what I've heard else where, you guys are better than this. Please be curteous to your customers who want to encourage others to buy your products. Thanks. @coilmaster

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