batteries dont fit in my ohm meter, and it's not working properly

The ohm meter w/ the build kit is not good. At least mine isnt. AA batteries do not fit. Once I jam them in, the cover won't go on. I have to pry the batteries out with a screwdriver. My readings bounce around like crazy, and I dont trust it. I'm really disappointed w/ it.


  • I thought that to at first but AA seem to fit just fine once I used Duracell batteries. I checked with my digital caliper a few different brands and they do vary in size. It's definitely a snug fit but have no problem getting the back on and luckily my nice, very inexpensive Coil Master DIY kit came with a pair of beautiful curved needle nosed tweezers to help me get the batteries out. It works good for the ridiculously low price. 



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