Faulty 521 tab

I received my Coilmaster 521 tab about to weeks ago and it has never worked right. It doesn't read the ohms on any atty I put on it. No matter what resistance the coil is, what tank, what rda…all that shows is three dashes. I would really like my money back coilmaster. Very disappointed. 


  • @acloud519

    Could you please give me your order number?

  • The tab 521 I purchased is not reading rda's or firing. Need help
  • My coil master won't fire keep getting output short but the atty will work on my snow wolf or x cube2
  • My order number is: 9514

  • They have the WORST customer service. My 521 was faulty the day I took it out the box and they still won't refund me or send me a new one. Takes about a week for a response too. Firing button is stuck, the voltage checker got stuck in my mod and the wore broke. Extremely disappointed!
  • @Lisa Hite

    We've sent the replacement at Dec 28.

    And the expected deliver date is Jan 4.


  • Umm hello?? Are you kidding me coilmaster?? You asked me for my order number, and then I see you sent out a replacement tab to someone who commented on my post!!! WTF?!?! What about MY FAULTY 521 TAB?!?!? 

  • @acloud519

    Sorry to reply late.

    Please shoot a short video about the issue to :sale@coil-master.net

    We'll reply the solution after we have a check.


  • @mmarin711

    Please shoot a short video to :sale@coil-master 

    And also your order number,we'll reply you ASAP.

    Thanks for your support of Coil Master.

    Have a nice day~

  • @1watchdogrecords

    Can you please give me the order number and shoot a short video to :sale@coil-master 

    We'll reply you ASAP.

    Thanks for your support of Coil Master.

    Have a nice day~

  • My 521 tab the big one is not working 

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