FYI on CM orders.....and you are worried about communication....

For best results I have learned that it is best to contact coil-master

by e-mail for a timely response.

The address is 

I think  there is a language glitch in how the website and forum is set up,

not that it doesn't work, just in how we [USA] are accustomed to using it.

One thing for sure, they are not out to rip you off, and no CM clone comes close to the coil-master quality.

They have honor, which is [much] more than I can say for even some of our Brothers and Sisters that 

sell to us off of Chinese websites [products shipped from China] at amazingly cheap prices, BUT 

never inform us that ....after taking our money......the product ships from overseas, and may take months

to receive it....if XXXXXXXX ever ! AND if you are lucky, you have a way to contact them, and they give

you a big run around [knowing what is going on, duh]. One order I placed on September 26th still has no

end in sight, thank God it was only for $31. 

Coil-Master has honor, even if you may not see it at times.......please try to be patient, hard as that may be

to do.......I am also one that is spoiled to "I want my stuff NOW, I already paid you for it". 

I wish all of you peace and joy, and happy clouds, even if some of your clouds won't qualify for the Guiness book.....

And.....Merry Christmas to you and all that you hold dear in your heart.


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