coil master app for android and IOS

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I think a coil master app for android and IOS would be awesome to go along with the great products here. An app that would have a calculator for gauges and length of wire and how many wraps to get this targeted ohms. I know there are other apps out there that already do this but how great would it be to have a coil master app to use with the coil master kits. Could also even add the ability to order products a maybe a forum built into the app for people to ask questions for help from other vapers.


  • thanks so much about the awesome suggestion,we'll discuss it with our engineer~

  • Wow, very cool. Thank you, you guys are awesome!

  • Could have easy link between this site and the app. Apps that have the social networking with coils and build calculators lack actual product for making what is being talked about. One stop shopping would be the best.
  • I completely agree, 1 all around app for all things Coil Master and DIY'ing coils would be great indeed.

  • Could you add to the app a little area to punch in the code that comes on the card you buy with any of your products? That would be helpful, I can not find it on here vea phone.
  • App Android Coil-Master ? 

    e magari trova il negozio più vicino dove trovare di tutto di più..............

  • MParnell & Kregul,

    Both ideas are fantastic.  I use steam engine as well but would be very nice to go to the shop I buy from.  Well put one stop shopping!


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