521 tab order

In hopes of giving others hope......after all of the negative things I have read on the CM forum......

As I have wanted/needed the 521 tab for a long time, but always out-of-stock, and received a 

courtesy e-mail that they were available, only to find out when attempting to order......SOLD OUT again

before I could get my fingers in gear....within minutes....kinda like last minute bids on e-bay.....BUT.....

I got a notice around Dec 9th or 10th and actually was allowed to order one ! YAY !

Then back to the forum, messages and comments, pretty negative, and still broken-hearted along with

so many others, without any way to resolve my pain through any communication.......I felt everyone's pain.

I want all to know.....I RECEIVED MY ORDER TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am vaping on it between typing these words !

From December 10th order confirmation to December 21st IN MY MAILBOX ! Tomorrow, deck builds on it.

Like a kid in a candy store......I really feel like it is Christmas now. Mine does NOT show the battery level on

an indicator, but I can live with that. I truly pray for the rest of you to receive yours......I do know the pain you have

experienced in waiting. All of my CM products are great quality.......and now my work station is complete.

I hope yours will also be....soon.

Merry Christmas to all of you. 



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