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Where is my order? Says it's been charged to my bank acct 6 days ago (money taken out - and placed order about 7/8 days ago), yet no tracking info available. This is a Christmas gift, so is it going to be here in time??


  • @Lisa Hite

    Tracking number have been PM you,please check.

    The expected delivery date is Dec 23.

    Thanks for your support.

    Have a nice day~

  • Thank you so much! :)
  • Received my 521 Tab, and it is broken. The fire button is stuck in the 'fire position'. Pretty annoyed since it took so long for a response the first time, and it took over a week to get to me. This was a Christmas gift and now the person can't even use it the correct way. What are you going to do about this?
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    Okay, now I am just straight pissed. The 521 Tab you sent is not only BROKEN, but now the voltage checker is STUCK screwed into my mod! We cannot get it unstuck, and since we tried, it has now caused damage to the mod. I am extremely disappointed. Not to mention, my 521 looks NOTHING like the ones I've seen in review videos. Is there a number I can call and actually TALK to someone about this?! I am so angry and I've wasted money on this product that seems so CHEAPLY made (I mean look at the LED screen and you can tell). Almost seems like I was sent a USED product.
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  • @Lisa Hite

    Could you please shoot a short video about the issue to: sale@coil-master.net?

    We'll reply the solution after we have a check.


  • So just send an email of the video to the address you provided?
  • @Lisa Hite

    Sorry to reply late.

    Yes,please send email about the issue to our mail box,and we'll reply the solution asap.


  • So as seen in the pictures and the video I took, the firing button is obviously stuck down, so it fires when barely touching it. Can I get it exchanged or just get a refund? I'm very unhappy with my device, and it has been faulty since we opened the box it came in. I've been trying to get this straight for about 2 weeks.
  • Yet another complaint: One of the alligator clips has broken and is now INSIDE the 521. I'm just so done with this CHEAPLY MADE device. I want a REFUND ASAP!
  • @Lisa Hite

    We've sent the replacement Coil Master 521 Tab at Dec 28,

    and the expected deliver date is Jan 4.

    Tracking number for the replacement have been PM you,please check.

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