Order #9512

I placed my order on 12/10 and I have not received a shipping confirmation. When will it be shipped?


  • I never received a tracking email. @coilmasters

  • @michael_sm

    Tracking number have been PM you,please check.

    The expected delivery date is Dec 23.

    Thanks for your support.

    Have a nice day~

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    You just caught my attention because my order number is just slightly later than yours. If you have goggle /gmail.com you may find the notice in your SPAM files. I do not know why but thats is where mine was. If you can not find the spam file click on more at the bottom of your e-mail files. the additonal files is there. Mark it not spam and it will move to you inbox and it will not block Coil Master again. Hope this works for you and Merry Christmas.

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