521 TAB New version ? New screen ? functions ?

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I own an original 521 and just purchased a new one as i had seen in some reviews that the feet had changed and the switch indicators were moved etc.. However, the instructions for checking the voltace drop of a device either do not work or have now changed and are not reflected in the instructions included. I have checked the security code with the site here and it is authentic. Please explain so i can either return or check new method for voltage drop. The screen is now a cheap version. Not the nice screen shown before.



  • Hello? I see you answering other comments that rave about the TAB please answer about the new version with cheap screen and voltage drop that dosnt work.

  • @Darthtanien

    Could you please give me your order number and shoot a short video about the issue to: sale@coil-master.net

    We'll reply you the solution asap.


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