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Hello @Coilmaster, It seems you are having difficulty with shipping? I must agree the order status page is confusing. One line says shipped the next says it's being packaged. I seem to have that problem. Can you tell me if my order has shipped and if so, what the tracking number is, please? Order #9106. Thank you!




  • @skinee

    Your package have been shipped out from our USA warehouse via Fedex.

    The shipping issue is for the packages shipped to DE.

    And we've PM the tracking number,please check.

    Thanks for your support.

    Have a nice day~

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    The FedEx website still shows that package has NOT shipped. Only that a label has been created? Why does Coil Master seem to have this issue with shipping and tracking? You state that the issue is packages shipped to DE. Where is DE? I live in Florida. The FedEx site says the package is supposed to ship from New Jersey. I've never had any problems receiving packages from anywhere within the states. Certainly not when the package is suppsedly shiped from with the country. This is not looking good folks. When a company cannot get packages shipped, doesn't raise your expectations for the end product.

    I'll give it another day to see if the status changes and then I will ask for a refund either form Coilmaster of PayPal.

  • Order: #9143 shipped out ? Please send the tracking number .

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  • @skinee

    We have contacted the Fedex and they replied us that the tracking delayed because of the large quantities of the packages during Black Friday & Cybel Monday.

    Here's the newly tracking info:


    682 x 78 - 15K
  • @Coilmaster,

    Took 10 days to arrive and it was DOA (dead on arrival). It will not fire an atomiser. Please help.

  • I too have a problem with knowing what the status of my purchase is. Order: #9572 purchased on Dec. 11th and to date no update as to what the status is. All I am asking for is information. Silence only raises anxiety.



  • @skinee

    Please shoot a short video about the issue to:

    We'll reply you after we have a check.

    Have a nice day~

  • @dkkess

    We've send the tracking number,please check.

    And the exoected delivery date is Dec 18.

    Thanks for your support.

    Have a nice day~

  • @coilmaster I have not received tracking number 

  • My order # is 10996 thanks


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