coilmaster diy kit v2

Are there any problems with tsa when bringing this in your luggage? Leaving the 5th of next moth back to LA! Need to know asap! Please help!




  • Not if you have it in your checked luggage.
  • I think they should put bent tip needle nose pliers like the tweezers.. Also include optional small rubber tips to put on the needlenose so when your squezing cerain wires your not messing them up so bad.. Also i think it should come with the 521 tab option.. Sure i would have paid 20 25 even 30 extra bicks for the 521.. And the ceramic tweezers.. They should be the ones with the atty wrench on the back side.. I would have boight this kit just for the 521 and the atty wrench tweezers to be honest.. The v3 could be an amzing new innovation to the coil builders world.. Also make the atty wrench have black ceramic.. Just wow.. No more dirty looking nasty tweezers.. Everything else is really good.. I mean really really good..just give those options i suggested.. And hell.. Ill give my old v2 kit to a beginner building buddy and buy the upgraded kit.. Make it 75$ ill still buy it.. C'mon.. Ya know its all very good ideas.. And a way for you to put extra chedder in YOUR pockets.. LEMME KNOW WHEN YOU DO IT AND ILL BE YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER!
  • @Matt Watts

    Thank your advice very much,we will consider.

    and you will be informed when kit are upgraded.

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