Coil master kit V2 problems

I bought the kit over 3 months from store of me country (Greece).Before 20 days I tried cutting a 24 gauge wire where it is in the kit and the clippers broke on me!Hardwhere failure i supose and i bought another but yesterday they start the ohm meter to measure all atomiser fault.In comparison with electronic mod they show me the double is pity to bought again one by one the content of kit.

what  recommend  to do ?


2688 x 1520 - 2M
1520 x 2688 - 903K


  • Dear customer,

    We are sorry about that.

    Could you please send your security code of you bought and the vodeo of the fault ohm meter

    to email: , we will help you to solve the problem, thank you.

    Best regrads,

    Coil Master Team

  • Where is the security code??? I dont think you mean the scratch and check code where is in the outer parer box ? This i checked and i throw in the garbagge.I dont think enybody keep it...I have the recipe from the card where i bought it.The video ok i send you.

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