Haven’t got an order number or heard back from coil master ...

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  • I still haven’t gotton a tracking number or any notification about my order... it just shows that I paid you guys.... I tried to email coil master a few times and haven’t heard anything back.... I think I made a big mistake by ordering from here.. nothing but poor service.. make things right Or else I want my money back. Either that, or at least throw in a few extra items on my order for free or something. That is if I even get my things from you.. it’s stupid that you have people from YouTube advertising for your company and this is how you guys treat customers? By keeping them in the dark. That’s not right. Business won’t last long if you keep this up, especially because I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. 


  • Hi 

    Thank you for contacting us. 

    Sorry to hear that!

    My colleague has emailed you about this issue and to help you solve this problem.

    Please check your email box.


    Coil Master



  • I’m in the same boat- never received an email or tracking and it’s had to of been weeks. Only thing I have for proof is the money taken from my PayPal 

  • Hi

    We sincerely apologize!

    Our customer service team has emailed you the shipping information. 

    Please check your mailbox.

    Have a good day

    Coil Master


  • I have the same problem..I still haven’t gotton a tracking number or any notification about my order...
  • Hi Sorry to hear that. 

    May I have your order No, please?

  • Hello , I paid you guyswith paypal.. but you dont send message or some notification.
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