Coil Master 521 Plus Tab


ich habe Probleme mit meinem Coil Master 521 Plus Tab 

beim feuern hat es Feuer gefangen und nun geht nichts mehr es ist aber auch nichts rein gelaufen in dem Tab  


  • Dear, we are sorry to hear that!

    Our customer service team have contacted you before .

    Please check your email box.

    Thank you.

  • Coil Master,

    I own the Coil Master 521 tab. It is a GREAT Tool. It has recently having trouble reading Ohms or firing. 

    Have put several tanks and all read 0.00ohms. When I try to use the Firing feature, it says to check the atomizer.

    The same tanks put on several mods do read the Ohms and do fire.

    Not sure what to do to try and fix these problems, but appears many other customers/owners of the 521 tab have the same troubles.

    Thanks in advanced,

    Phil G.

  • Dear 

    Sorry to hear that!

    Our customer service team have email you before, please check your mail box.

    Looking forward to your reply.



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