Warning before ordering

Order a elfe rtd from this sight on the 8th. It's was still in Hong Kong on the 15th. I looked at the tracking information today and still now changes. I will never order from the company again. So, if you order something just be prepared to wait on it.


  • Yeah I ordered a mini DIY kit on the 13th it is now the 20th and it has not moved from the Shenzhen EMS processing plant in an entire week.  If I had simply ordered from Amazon for the same price it would have been here the 15th.  This is ridiculous and the fact there is no warning before ordering that the free shipping could mean weeks of waiting for your product is just wrong to the customer.  I see plenty of other stories like this.  Will not be ordering a coilmaster product again.  

  • I ordered mine on the 8th and it's still in the same place. It didn't get there till the 15th. This is all bad. I need a tank like now and it's been over 2weeks. At this point I kind of just want my money back and get something from a company that worth a dam. This one isn't.
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