where's my order

so I ordered a battery charger and a diy kit at the same time about 5 days ago, I got the PayPal email for both of them, and since then I've had the tracking email about the sit kit and it is being shipped but I've had nothing from the battery charger at all, is it on its way or what? surely it should be


  • the order number is Order #50458
  • I ordered a RTA on the 8th and I still don't have it. I'm wondering where my order is and will I ever get it.
  • I finally recieved my order.  It only took 39 days.

  • We are so sorry about that!  We know the shipping is so long but when we ship out tje item, shipping is out of our control.  please noted that shipping can take up to 15 days and  front shipping can be unpredictable due to customs. Even right after the sale page

    Best Regards

  • This will be the Last time I order from China, their mail service sucks..
  • Hi John

    We are sorry about the shipping issue!

    And sorry for our service.

    We will improve the service quality.

  • Its not your service, its the mail service. Ordered the elfy on the 2nd, got a tracking number on the 4th, and according to the tracking number its still in china. If you want to improve Shipping times have a distributor here in the us that keeps your products in stock.
  • Thank you John .

    We will sincerely think about it .

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