Problems with my genuine coilmaster kit

Hello people.

I got a new Coilmaster kit from a vapestore here in Holland.

Checked the code ( and i know the store, they only sell genuine products )and the set is GREAT!

I had a V2 before but the 521 that comes with the V3 is perfect. So i upgraded to a new set.

The only thing is that the scissors are not good. One leg is crooked and i cant cut with it.

In my V2 the scissors where so d*mn sharp that i cut myself multiple times hahahaha

But these.............. Can't cut a pease of cotton and that why i have them.

Here is a photo of them:

schaar van V3 kit

My question is what to do with it. I am NOT gonna bend them.

Can i go back to the store and that they give me a new one and send this one back to Coilmaster or do i need to make contact directly with Coilmaster?

I hope to get a new pair soon. I just love my gear but it needs to be ok and work.

Greetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from Holland!

1200 x 1600 - 76K


  • Why does Coilmaster not answer?

    Can't get a message to them.This service is not that i am used of them.........

  • Hello, peter,

    Sorry for this delay response.

    Our customer service team sent an email to you, please check it and reply. We will solve this issue for you soon.

    Once again, sorry for this inconvenience that has been caused.

  • Got a problem with my DIY KIT that I got about a month and a half ago. Was using the Allen Key Tritool to tighten up the coils and it snapped on me. Wasn't over tightening the screws and they weren't over tightened when they were tightened when I replaced the coil in the past either so no idea why the Allen Key broke the way
    It did. How do I get a replacement for it? Haven't seen any replacement parts list for anything included in the DIY KIT. I like the kit and used it a lot but Can't use it if I have no Allen Key Tritool to remove the coil by loosening up the screws that secure it. Need a replacement T Allen Key Tritool but no idea where or how to get one.
  • Dear Customer, thank you for contacting us, sorry to hear that!

    Please contact our customer service team:

    Our colleague will help you to solve this issue.

    sorry for this inconvenience that has been caused.

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