Notice for Coil Master Product Verify Code

Dear Customers,

We currently had customers complained failed to verify their DIY V3 kit on our website,and poor quality.

After researched,we easily found that all the V3 kits they bought are at same series No. 5048369658,and coming with verify code that were not from our code library generated.We here clarify that those V3 kits are not Authentic by Coil Master,they are all fakes.

And we'd remind all our friends to distinguish the Authenticity of All Coil Master products with below knowledge:

1.Both Series No. & Verify Code are unique.

2.Each Series No. & Verify Code has been matching up.

3.All products now under Series No.5048369658 will be fake.

Also,we’d suggest our friends to buy Coil Master products from shops you know about, or not at unbelievable prices.We are sorry for this inconvenience but thanks for your understanding!



  • @lulu                Ok fine. A few might be fake. What about mine that I bought at a reputable store, who were willing to show me THIER invoice of purcharce from you. Why is there no spot on your site to enter my GENUINE code? Possibly because no such compitition or game ever existed?



  • Hi, You can check on our website, and enter your security code in the "Anti-counterfeiting query:"(on the bottom of the homepage)

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