Issue with KBag Mini

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PLEASE BE CAREFUL when ordering from Coil-Master. Although the authentication number check out and they have other great products, it took well over a month to get it delivered. The issue I am faced with is that the kbag mini organizer pad was poorly made. The strap that’s used to pull off the pad tor off the day I got it. I am VERY unsatisfied, this is very unacceptable and now I’m afraid to order the full size KBag. Who else has issues with their KBag?


  • @Romeo Sanchez

    Sorry to bring you inconvenience.

    The package is delayed because of peak season.

    Please feel free to email us if the product has any problems,we will reply you ASAP.

    Email address is

  • I've already stated the issues I'm having twith my order. For some reason, I can't attach photos, but I have replied with some photos to you email. Will i have this issue if I order the Coil Master Vape Bag? The Kbag mini I ordered has a messed up pad, the coiling kit v4 had screws missing and couldnt be authenticated, The DIY kit v3 was ordered as a gift and there's issues with the 521 Tab mini. What gives?

  • @Romeo Sanchez

    Please accept our sincerely apologize for this delay response.

    For the product issue, you can contact our customer service team first, becasue we need you provide some information about your order. Or you can give me your email address, i will send you an email soon. 

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