Coil Master 521 Tab mini on DIY kit V3

So recently I bought the DIY Kit v3 from the Coil Master Website. After some days shipping time it finally arrived yesterday. I directly opened the Box and all was perfect, the Tab mini worked and I made my RDA ready on it. Then I had to go. After I came back I wanted to do my second RDA, but the tab mini doesnt showed me the ohm or it was way to high. Sometimes it showes me 0.94ohm on a 0.3ohm dual clapton which couldnt be right and sometimes it showes me nothing. I love the DIY Kit v3 but I hate that my Tab mini didnt work. Can you help me?

(Im sorry for my bad english)


  • I tested it again, and its still read the resistance way to high, and sometimes it doesnt even read the resistance.

  • @JustinLaVape

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    Could you please send a video showing the issues of 521 mini tab to will investigate the cause and reply you ASAP.

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