521 Tab won't fire

My tab won't fire. The blue fire light comes on and reads 4.20V but pressing fire just shows zeros. The ohm meter works fine. I've tried multiple working coils and nothing.



  • Here is a video

  • @moneal

    We're sorry to bring you inconvenience.

    I have feedback to our engineer,will email you after checked.

    customer service email:sale@coil-master.net

  • SomSame thing here and mine is less than a month old. I have everything cool master makes and try to get it as comes out. But this is my second one of these. I'm not buying another. Thinking of switching EVERYTHING over to Geekvape. No one will reply to me, can't get ahold of anyone. This is becoming BS. I've been vaping since 2006 and this is one of the worst products I've seen recently. I was very surprised it was made by coil master. I love these guys and products. I always positive review em on YouTube. New channel is called The VapingInkislinger. I may have to re review this one though. Someone, anyone, please get a hold of me at570 541-8626  or at my email at russkinslow@gmail.com

  • And I know a way to make this products 1000xx's more effective and stop the heart ache. Someone gets ahold of me and I'll tell ya how. I have 30 years on mechanical engineering and this can be fixed with 2cents worth of plastic or fiberglass. 

  • @Inkslinger

    We must apologize for the inconvenience.

    But we chekced email,no yours .Maybe you emailed to wrong address.

    Our email is :sale@coil-master.net 

    Please feel free to contact me,we will reply you ASAP.

  • They won't reply to people that have problems with there products!!! Disgusting 

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