Customer Service or Lack Of It

@Coil Master

why is your customer service sooooo bad.


What is everybody elses experience of this ?

 I just fine that they make things as hard as possible especialy when you have got a fault, take the pin fault on the 521 Tab how the hell can you video that and why a video there has been enough people had this issue, so i am sure they are aware of it probably even knew about it from the start.

Well i scertanly wont be buying anymore of there products.



  • Hi,twest03

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

    Everyone of our Coil Master team want to make perfect service for you vapers.

    We test the devise over and over,we pay attention to the feedback from our customers,but we can't expect everything as our expected.

    We need the video because the engineer need it to make improvement and our warehouse need it to send the replacement.

    If we delayed to reply your message,sorry about it,we've tried our best to reply the emails and messages.

    If there still any problem with your Coil Master products,please

    Thanks for your time.

    Have a nice day~

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