Threaded mandrel for coiler

Thought it might be cool to offer in each diameter size a threaded style mandrel for perfectly spaced, spaced coils. It's nice to space ni200 coils, but can be difficult to get the spacing right. 


  • @balquin

    Thanks for your advice.

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    @balquin & @coilmasternet Same here for me. I use mostly TC for vaping, and a good spaced coil is key for this. there are a lot of practices to achieve some good results, but they're mostly not very satisfying when wicking them, you always have to pay close attention while wicking, and this not why I bought the coilmaster in the first place. I have a fine-threaded bolt (diameter about 3,5mm) but when I want to wick a smaller diameter there is no good solution. It would be awsome to have the ability to buy an "additional set" of mandrels for the coilmaster coiler which are threaded.

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