510 connection

the spring in my 510 connection went out. I haven't even had the item for a week, I hardly ever use the fire button, but the 510 does not connect to any atty anymore. I can lift the connection point inside the 510 up and I can watch it as I quickly falls back down to the bottom. Is there a way to get mine replaced or fixed? 


  • Same here. I've sent 4 emails and a video of the problem to CM. No response at all to my first 3 emails. I finally got a response with my video, but still no resolution. Disappointed in their customer service. I'm this close to a charge back. 

  • @dalek67

    Please email:sale@coil-master.net

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    @coilmasternet I did that! I even PM you FaceBook like you asked! What a joke. I keep getting the run around. I give up. Please refund my money, provide an address so I can return it or I will submit a charge back. Never again will I buy or recommend a Coil Master product. 

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