order #6120 tracking information

Ordered V2 diy kit on 28th August. Got paypal receipt and order confirmation but no tracking information. What is happening with my order?


  • They sold more than they had that's what's going on.We are waiting for the new batch to come out.NEVER again.

  • Well I think I will raise a paypal dispute then. Wouldnt have ordered if I knew I wouldnt get it within 2 weeks
  • Sorry I thought you ordered the 521 tab.Never ordered for them before they seem to be slow with shipping. Communication is not very good at all.

  • i'm in the same situation, bought the mine the 23 august and seem that was not shipped yet, i can't see a way to contact with them and now reading result that will be shipped from China and i will have to wait 3weeks or more since the date that they will ship it, really bad .




  • You can try the email on the site says 24/7...I have been waiting 3 days no reply.Just have to wait until they restock.

  • I have heard from a FB group these will not be in stock until Oct 23rd. If that's true we will not get them till Nov!! I wish Coil Master would say something...

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