CM 521 (510 connector too deep)

Please consider making the 510 connector on the CM 521 less deep - as some atomisers with shorter 510 connectors or pins that do not protrude (non adjustable) do not make a connection.

I have had to use a 510 adapter to make this work with all atomisers, I didn`t want to.



  • Do your atomisers sit flush on the 510 base? Mine don't because the 510 threads were cut at an angle so my tanks and drippers are all tilted to the side around 15 to 20 degrees. When screwed down they touch the 510 base on one side with a 3 or 4 mm gap on the opposite side. Out of the 12 toppers I tried only 2 make a connection. The 510 connector is spring loaded, why make it so deep?

    Hopefully I get a response from my e-mail with an exchange request. Seems like a lot of people here aren't getting any responses to their e-mails.

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    You seem to have a mis-threaded 510 connector on the device - my atomisers sit flush on the connector.

    (These things can easily happen, I`ve seen it with other items and the 510 connectors are probably third party rather than made in-house by CM)


    I don`t know why it`s so deep - the whole point of a spring loaded connector is to accommodate ALL types of atomiser.

    CM need to reassess the current 510 connector they are using - it needs to be less deep AND with a slightly stiffer spring to prevent bad readings.
    The other expensive US made ohm reader that`s available has a poor quality spring loaded 510 - it`s a critical part other than a decent chipset.

  • Your 510 spring may be broken like mine. I've written support. So far no response :(

  • @dalek67

    Could you please give me your order number and PM the issue in our Coil Master Facebook page?

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • @coilmasternet

    Wouldn't it be easier to simply respond to CS e-mails? Under 24/7 Contact Us you have:

    Every-day,every-hour technical 

    support. Please email our support 

    team 24/7 at

    Why have this on your page if it's not monitored or your choosing to ignor everyone? If the only way to actually get support is through Facebook, then that's the info that should be under Contact Us instead on an unmonitored or ignored e-mail address.It's been more than a week and still no response from


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