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Hi what should i do my coil master not working i bought it in november


  • @georgiejr440

    Could you shoot video about this issue?

    then email

    We'll reply you ASAP

  • Hello my voltage meter not working  from my coil master kit and all the oathers at the shop are broken too what shuld i do?

  • @Andrew2121

    Sorry to hear that

    we have emailed you,please check.

  • edited August 2016

    My coil master kit came with a card with a scratch and see thing on it, how do I use that code on the site? 

  • @Wishmaster43

    that's security code,entering our official website,

    you could input code in the blank at “Anti-counterfeiting query”


  • Good day, unfortunately my 521 tab gives either 0(zero) or total faulty readings (0.03 on a 0.20ohm coil). I purchased it in june 2016 and it has worked fine untill now. When i totally screw in an atomizer(base) it reads o(zero) and sometimes jumps to 0.02/0.03. When i unscrew it a bit it reads higher but jumps between resistances as wel  hopefully you can help me out with this issue  

    Kind regards




  • @PatRock

    Sorry to bring you inconvenience.

    We have emailed you,please check.

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