Expanded capacity Ray RTA glass?

I really like my CM Ray RTA but would like to find a expanded capacity bubble/fat-boy style glass for it like you can get for the Reload and Smok Prince.
I don't own calipers, but the best I can measure with a ruler it looks like the Ray tank is 24mm wide by 19mm tall. So far I found bubble tanks that are 24w by 20h and 24w by 18h but none that are 19mm high.
Anyone have any ideas of where I can find one the right size? Or maybe the name of another atomizer that also has a 24 by 19 tank so I can use it as a search term?


  • Hi

    Sorry , we don't have that kind of the glass tank , but we will think about it for our next  Rta.

    You can post your questions on reddit as well.

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