Defective 521 Tab

I bought Coil Master 521 Tab in one of local shop last weekend and only had a chance to open the box since I bought this during my business trip and don't have a 18650 battery in hand. The box was sealed and the scracth code worked fine said that this is authentic and first time check.

I got back to the office today and throw in a freshly charged 18650 battery and very excited to see how this awesome box works. I am very upset to see that it couldn't read the resistance of my Troll V2 RDA correctly. I got a dual fused clapton 26/38 SS316L clocked at 0.13 in both my Vaporshark DNA 133 & LostVape Triade DNA 200 but 521 Tab read the resistance as 0.75. Tried to detach and re-attach the atty but still the reading is off very far... 0.13 vs 0.75 and the reading is very bumpy it sometimes goes up to 1.2.

Can someone tell me how can I got the replacement of this item? The shop I bought this from couldn't help much. Not expecting this quality from such $ I spent. Thanks.


  • I dropped an email to coil master and attached a video showing the incorrect reading of my atty's resistance.. I got a response in less than an hour and they requested my shipping address to send me the replacement. I'm happy with how they response to my problem. Hope I can get the replacement unit soon.
  • @swoofz

    We will ship 521 tab to you today,then email you tracking number.


  • Hi Tina,
    Thanks for the swift response from your team. I already received the tracking number for my replacement. Awesome support!
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