We have stopped producing the Coiling Kit V3. We only have V4 now.
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1 Updated larger size jig for a more ergonomic fit in your hand

2 Longer pole for easy coil alignment

3 Easy coiling in two directions Clockwise or anti-clockwise coiling

Package includes:

6 Coiling Poles(1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5,4.0mm )
3 Top covers

Weight 0.1 kg

Blue, Red, Black

Review By Robert Ellis

CoilMaster v3 6 in 1 Review

super_X_drifter reviews the V3 COIL MASTER V3 as Winston Dempsey III

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2 thoughts on “Coil Master Coiling Kit V3

  1. Mark

    Can’t believe no one has reviewed this great bit of kit yet! I’ve had my ver. 3 coiling jig for quite a few months now, don’t even remember how long I have had, so its been a while. I know y’all have seen the Kuro Coiler, yea, I have a set of them too, they are nice, they work well, however, the Coil Master ver.3 coiling jig is WAY better, head and shoulders above what the Kuro Coilers are. If you like the Kuro Coilers, you’re gonna LOVE this set. All the parts and pieces come in a little pouch, so you won’t loose any of the pieces. What is nice about this set is the fact that it is half again as big as the original set. Te handle is longer, this way when you have your resistance wire in and are ready to sping the top to make your coil, the handle is such that you can get a good grip, you won’t loose your grip, or at least shouldn’t loose your grip with this coiler. For me with my hands that are getting more arthritic every day the ease with which I can now build my 0.3 or 0.4 ohm coils is great. I can now build coils a hell of a lot easier for not just my half dozen RDAs but for my Dripbox and Dripbox 160 as well. A great, no…. a fantastic piece of kit, one that help those of us who still enjoy building coils and using our RDAs, and out RTAs a snap to use.


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