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Coil Master’s latest ceramic tweezers are a necessary tool when rebuilding any RDA, RTA, or RDTA.
This newly designed and angled ceramic tweezer is perfect for any given situation that requires the use of a non-conductive and heat resistant tweezer allowing the user to make finite adjustments to the coil head without the possibility of accidentally shorting out the coil. It can be used at high temperatures up to and including 1600℃ without fear of damaging the ceramic tips unlike other conventional tweezers currently on the market.

Non-conductive & Replaceable ceramic tips
The ability to make fine adjustments to the coil when heated.
Heat resistant up to and including 1600℃


SS, Black

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One thought on “Coil Master Ceramic Tweezers (Bent)

  1. sammyjothomas

    I have had the pleasure of purchasing these tweezers as a paying customer, and winning it too. As a Coil Master customer with many Coil Master brand products I’m able to say these are top-notch. The bent-style with slender ceramic tips allow me to reach and pull wick material through the coils much deeper into the coils than my nails allow. The bent-style also make fluffing wicks then tucking the ends into the deck section with much greater ease allowing the capillary action of the cotton ends with much higher juice volume going into the coils. Again, I have 2 of Coil Master’s bent-style ceramic tweezers. I replaced a similar style metal tweezer with one of the bent-style ceramic tweezers in my Coil Master Build DIY Bag; the other bent-style ceramic tweezers are in a plastic style toolbox I keep in my home office. I highly recommend that all vapers, esp those who build coils, to buy Coil Master products. Every Coil Master product I own has stood up to scrutiny for reviews such as this one. If anyone reading this who is considering building coils should get these tweezers & pick up the DIY Kit (v3). It has everything a builder needs is inside a highly durable bag that travels well, esp when picking up a spare ceramic bent-tip tweezers for the DIY Kit. 5-Stars!


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